Black Robe- Angelique Gonzalez

For starters, I really thought this was going to be a really boring movie. In the beginning it was a little difficult to follow and understand exactly what was going on. However, as the movie progressed it started to get a little easier. One thing that stood out to me the most was how deep the language barrier was for both the Black Robe and the Indians; also how the Black Robe little by little learned and could kind of speak their language was pretty cool. Both the Indians and the Black robe believed a demon was in control of one another and this was kind of funny. One thing I found interesting was how determined the Black Robe was forcing his christianity religion on them meanwhile, in their own way their beliefs were similar. This was an eye opener for me because I didn’t realize how long religion has really played such a serious role in our world and how stereotyping even existed back then. However, once Daniel started to realize that being different was okay and not having the same beliefs as others was allowed, the film emphasizes how that hurt the Father. Another thing this movie really expressed was stereotypes. The Frenchmen referring the Indians as savages, and the Indians referring to the Frenchmen as demons; really emphasized how being judged for being different and believing in other things was something that still happens and you see this play out in the film.

This film opened my eyes, made me realize not everyone has to believe the same thing as me to be considered a good person. People are allowed to believe what ever they want and it shouldn’t have effect on your perspective on them.




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