Hinduism: 330 Million Gods

The movie “330 Million Gods” was not only very eye-opening, but also refreshing. After watching this movie, I have determined that Hinduism may be one of my favorite religions out there. There is a quote in the movie that says that “Hindu is not a strict, rigid religion” but that it is a philosophy and way of life. The concept that every individual is free and that its mind an conscience is good as long a no harm is done. This is very different from other religions that always input the idea that everyone should follow a certain rule and live life how “God” intended it to. I also found it interesting how the man stated that “everybody is a Hindu” meaning that we all have a little bit of Hindu in our characters. This is something I find very welcoming, accepting and inviting different types of people.

Symbols and Plurality are important in Hinduism because it defines the divine and can be interpret as the quest for an individual’s spiritual beliefs, plurality is important because everyone has the right and power to find their spirituality at their own pace. There are many Gods and that facilitates an individual to identify a specific God since everyone is unique in their path to self-realization.


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