Luther film review.

I thought this film (although quite old now as it was created in 2003) was very interesting and offered a glimpse into the life of Martin Luther, who I honestly never thought i’d learn much about outside of a religious studies setting. In a way, I see Luther as a brave man willing to go to any extent to see his will done. He has a christlike character, one that many christians strive to achieve. Even in the face of the worst fate possible for a monk (excommunication) he firmly believes that the common people deserve the right to know the word of god, and continues to work to make it available to others by any means possible.  It’s very amazing to me that despite this Luther never seems to loathe the people of the church and, again, in his forgiveness displays a christlike character. It was very satisfying to see him eventually succeed in “winning over” the princes, thus allowing what he’s been fighting for this whole time.

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