Megan Project#1 Juan Mata


I picked this picture because it has a sentimental meaning to me. This picture was taken by a park close to my house where I have being going all of my life since I immigrated to United States. In this picture there are two meanings, my past and my present. When I say my past, I mean my history, my roots, where I am from. As you can see there are palms all around the park; I am from Cuba and the palm tree is the main tree in Cuba, it is presented in the Cuban shield where it represents that we stand tall and proud of our nation. This palms make me remember my native country but at the same time my childhood, all those old memories of how I used to play hide and seek with my friends, how we used to go on bikes all around the block racing, how we used to play rock paper and scissors to see who was going to go up the palm tree and take down the coconuts for us to have a little snack and that fresh coconut water. This tree makes me remember my family in Cuba because we lived around them, we used to all gathered around and play dominoes outside the house while having a barbeque being prepared for all of us to enjoy,  and when you took a second to look around you, all you saw was palm trees and smiles.

The second reason why I picked this picture it is because it symbolizes my present. It can be depicted as a sacred space for me due to the fact that this park has being my place where I can relax and have some peace and quiet in my life. Every time I feel stress and disoriented , I visit the park by myself and just walk around it, thinking about all the good things that have happened to me in life and calming myself down reaching a point of perfect peace. This park has being  my own little place where I can just forget about everything and just see the ducks walk around me, watch the kids running around having fun, and me staring at the beautiful lake in front of the park with the view of the airplanes flying out of the airport with a destination towards another country. In this park is where I missed my family from Cuba where I think about how my life has alter since I came to this country but at the same time I think about the good moments, how in this park, I had my first ice cream in the United States and how I met my first love. In conclusion this picture has many sentimental values to me because it symbolizes many parts of my life, but in mainly focuses on my past and my present.

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