Movie Review #2: 330 Million Gods

I found this film very intriguing on how they explained the analysis of Hinduism. Hinduism is seen as the religion that has many gods, which is what I have come to admire about the religion. Most of the other religions have an obligation on just having a belief on only one god. In the film,  there was a quote that said “Hinduism isn’t a strict religion. It’s a philosophy of life. Everyone is free as their conscience deems fit. Everyone is hindi.” Hinduism is viewed as being able to have a clear mind, freedom from judgement, and no wrong done to you.  I have come to notice that plurality and symbols are very important in the film. It is because they provide guidance to the ones who feel a spiritual connection or want a spiritual connection. The journey serves the ones who perform rituals, chants, and worship in order to have a better connection.


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