The black robe review

The film truly explored the meaning of relativity in terms of morality- especially in the case of religion. The parallel drawn between the Black robe and the natives is clear. Each saw one another as the manifestation of savage evil. However, the truth is that the two were just very different- each displaying their own unique experiences in regards to spirituality.  Its sad to think that the Eurocentric view of our earth was so destructive, the obsession with conversion and a lack of sympathy being driving forces behind cruel acts. It was definitely a breath of fresh air when Daniel’s opinion of the natives slowly began to shift onto that of understanding. It showed that despite his prior nasty viewpoint, he was able to put aside his own views and respect and understand those of others. I honestly found this film a little difficult to swallow. Chock full of violent and disheartening imagery, it was not something for the weak hearted by any means.  The pacing was rather slow , but didn’t take away from the impact left at all. I overall enjoyed watching this.


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