Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

  1. What was Wovoka’s vision?
    1. During a solar eclipse, Wovoka had a vision in which he claimed that God appeared to him and revealed to him a land of love and peace.
  2. What was the purpose of the Ghost Dance?
    1. This Dance reunites the spirits of the dead with those of the living.
  3. How did the Ghost Dance precipitate the massacre at Wounded Knee?
    1. The US 7th Cavalry Regiment surrounded an encampment of Sioux Indians near Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservatioin in South Dakota
  4. How did the Euro-Americans interpret this wide-spread?
    1. Saw their expansions of the country as a blessing even though they were really just stealing land from the Native Americans.
  5. How is the Indian concept of land different from the European?
    1. Indians see the land as having spirits. They feel the need to be in harmony with the land. Europeans see the land as profitable.
  6. What is the role of religion in the appropriation of land?
    1. Manifest Destiny
  7. Why do you think Col. Nelson Miles is so quick to dismiss the Indian narrative as legend?
    1. Because it is not a part of his culture, so he does not see them as something that is important.
  8. Why is this so damaging to the natives?
    1. It makes them believe that they are less important than the whites.
  9. Why is changing the Indian name with a “white name” so important?
    1. It makes them more likely to be accepted by others.
  10. And why from the Bible?
    1. People will hear their names and not think of them as Indian.
  11. Why is Ohiyesa (Charles) so hesitant in doing this himself?
    1. Because he feels like it will make him less Indian if he takes a name other than the one given to him.
  12. What does it mean to become “civilized” for the Indian?
    1. It means that they have conformed to the American society.
  13. How does the native way of oral tradition shape the way they speak and treat each other?
    1. It bonds them together and helps them become a closer society.
  14. What is Sitting Bull’s interpretation of the Bible verse “Be fruitful and multiply” when speaking in front of the white council?
    1. His interpretation was that the verse was saying to make use of the sources they have and try to make more of them.
  15. What does the story of Charles represent?
    1. It represents the beginning of the Indian/European conflict.
  16. What does wounded knee symbolize?
    1. It symbolizes the relationship between Native Americans and White Settlers.
  17. What is the meaning of civilization for the whites, why is the assimilation of the Indians of urgency for the Euro-Americans?
    1. Their meaning of civilization is the people that they fight with.
  18. Why are the Indians portrayed as savages?
    1. Because of their lifestyle. The Europeans are not used to the way the Indians do things.

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