Film Review: Luther

I found this film very interesting, and informative. I’ve heard  discussions about the “father of reformation”  before, but I did not have much knowledge about who Luther was and what he had done. At the beginning of the film Luther seems to be scared, nervous and doubtful in what he’s doing. throughout the movie we can see how his character develops into someone who has a different view from what it was being taught  and done at church. He was able to see with his own eyes and disagree with great disappointment the things that were going on inside the church and outside of it. He was so unhappy and doubtful of God’s mercy and love in his life. Until he arrived to Rome I actually  saw a change in him. He saw love in the people in Rome. In the lady and her daughter that was poor and was not able to walk. He also sees how the church is trying to make a business with the sacred and that infuriates Luther.  Luther starts writing about the things he disagrees with .  Such as “paying for salvation”, “helping the death find salvation”, “paying  money to be with God”. During his stay in Rome in the University in Wittenberg he became a professor of theology and established his opposition against the sale of indulgences.  The film shows quite a relationship between Christ  and Luther, from the beginning when Luther is asking for help to God in the middle of the storm. When he was in the trial because of his opposing beliefs. when he suffered different moments of doubt and small depressions  . But at the end of the film it also shows that even with the great knowledge  Luther had , he was just as human as you and I. I didn’t like the end because it contradicted with all the things Luther spoke about. . But I like the fact that many facts of how the reformation started was portrayed in this film.


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