Megan Project


Religion is a series of beliefs and traditions that worship God or other particular gods. However, each religion is also based in perspectives and value that the believers give to each detail and each situation on daily life. I have a religion and my perspectives on how I see each little detail in life and find the religious value in it. The first picture on the left, is a dollar bill folded forming the phrase “TE AMO” that means “I love you” in Spanish. I did this for my grandma a long time ago and she was so surprised because she never noticed that you could do that with a dollar bill. When people look at a dollar people does not notice that this bill forms the phrase “TE AMO.” With that being said, people just look at the dollar bill superficially and does not look at the details and at the deeper things that this includes. This phrase for us Hispanics and religious people it means that you really care about somebody or something. My point is, when referring to different religions we just see a bunch of beliefs, doctrines, traditions, and rituals that we maybe cannot understand because we are looking at it in a superficial way like the people would look at a dollar bill. This expressed a religious experience for me because to understand religion and the different types of religion we have to go deeper, find out, and learn the little details of it and maybe we can be surprised with what we can do with them.

The second picture on the right side, is a picture that expresses a lot for me with just looking at it. This items are of a huge religious and sentimental value for my life. The heart that is hanging from my hand is a symbol to me that represents the love of my aunt, that made and gave this heart to me a couple of days before she died from cancer and it has a phrase in the center that says “God will always love you.” This showed me that she believed in God and in religion and also that God and her will always love me and were always going to be taking care of me and not letting anything bad happen to me. I was going through a tough stage of my life because of her death and because a lot of situations that were happening at the same time. The F hanging in the wall is the first letter of my name full of pictures of my friends and family that I love and care about. They made it for me and gave it to me as a gift in this moment of my life that I was going through a lot of suffer and pain. Before I received this gift I prayed and I ask for something that could motivate me to keep going, not give up in life, and something that could be my motor to keep doing the right thing. Couple of days after my family and friends gave me this F as a gift and I understood that they are my motivation to be successful in life and to keep going no matter how hard situations get. This picture is definitely of a religious value for me because religion and religious beliefs are all about the family and about the people you love and care about. This bond that I have with my family is so strong because of our religious beliefs and because the union that the religion promotes to friendships and family structures.


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