Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

What was Wovoka’s (AKA Jack Wilson) vision? What was the purpose of the Ghost Dance?

His vision was that soon there will be no more white folk. The ancestors that were taken are happy. That they must not go against the white folk and do the dance. The purpose of the dance is for the ancestors to come back, and for them to live in freedom forever.


How did the Ghost Dance precipitate the massacre at Wounded Knee? How did the Euro-Americans interpret this wide-spread

The ghost dance made the whites very scared. They were scared because they feared the Indians were doing something that was going to kill them, therefore, they forced them to Wounded Knee Creek and slaughtered who they slaughtered.


  • How is the Indian concept of land different from the European? What is the role of religion in the appropriation of land?

Land for Indians, belonged to their ancestors and the gods who “own” that land for many many years.


Why do you think Col. Nelson Miles is so quick to dismiss the indian narrative as legend? Why is this so damaging to the natives?

It was not important to Col. Nelson because it is not part of his culture. It damages the Indians because it gives them a sense of unimportance in the world and it pretty much degrades them, and their whole legend.



Why is changing the indian name with a “white name” so important? and why from the Bible? Why is Ohiyesa (Charles) so hesitant in doing this himself?

He is hesitant because he is agreeing to being controlled by the whites, so he pretty much did not want to ‘crack’ I would say. It is important because they are trying to take over the Indians and pretty much control them and their ways, they do not want them a part of their system unless their name is changed.


“Assimilation or extinction,” said Henry Dawes.


What does it mean to become “civilized”  for the Indian?

To become civilized, for the Indian, is to conform. Conform to the ways of the white and if they do not, they will be stripped of all their things.


How does the native way of oral tradition shape the way they speak and treat each other.

When they were finished speaking, they would say “I have spoken” or something along the lines. I think that is a huge symbol of respect so no one is interrupted.


What is Sitting Bull’s interpretation of the Bible verse “Be fruitful and multiply” when speaking in front of the white council? What does the story of Charles represent?

His interpretation is that there are a lot of resources around them so they should use it to their advantage and try to make more of it. The story of Charles is based at the start of the conflicts between the Indians and the Americans.


What does wounded knee symbolize?

It is a symbolic moment of the relations between the Native Americans and the White settlers.


What is the meaning of civilization for the whites, why is the assimilation of the indians of urgency for the Euro-Americans? Why are the indians portrayed as savages?

The meaning of civilization for the whites was getting the natives to fall under Christianity and the ways of being American. Assimilation is urgent for the Americans because it gives them the right to legally take land from the natives instead of fighting for it. They are portrayed as savages because it makes them less human, it also gives them reason to make them civil.



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