Luther Movie Review

The film, although being quite old was fascinating and informative.  It allowed viewers to gain insight into the corruption and power the church held during the 15th century. As the film begins, Luther is filled with fear and panic being in a storm and promises god that he will devote his life to the church if saved. Later becoming a monk, he holds his first service and accidently spills the wine out of anxiety and fear. All these attributes show Luther as being timid and doubtful, but as the movie progresses we see changes in Luther which begin to manifest from challenges and questions he encounters throughout the course of the film. Arriving in Rome, Luther begins to see the true effects of the church and its teachings on the people. The Church so wicked and conniving, charges the people of Rome for their salvation through indulgence. Witnessing the aftermath of a boy’s suicide, Luther begins defying the church and contradict its teaching by burying the boy on holy ground going against the church’s look on the subject. What sets Luther apart from others is that he instead of following the norms as his fellow men, takes it upon himself to become familiar with the Lord and seek out answers. In doing so, he realizes the true way to gain salvation is through faith and grace. Becoming a professor of Theology, Luther begins to practice and propose his beliefs and creates his work of the 95 theses. Nailing his work on the doors of the church, people quickly learn of his beliefs and begin to spread it quickly such as the towns papers. Luther is quickly summoned to appear by Rome and threatened with excommunication. Asked to renounce what he has written he answers with a simple no, creating a feeling of suspense and awe. These actions Luther took throughout the film changed him from a man of uncertainty into a brave and revolutionary hero. He later marry’s Katherine von Bora, a former nun and goes into hiding and creates what is today the German Bible. Many common folk revolt and confront the church with his teachings, but are killed in doing so. The prince’s gather and speak of outlawing Protestantism and the German bible, but in the end, they are forced to let the people practice their belief. I felt rather vaguely on this historical event, but now after gaining insight and grasping a better understanding on what took place I feel a new appreciation and fascination for the spiritual warfare that occurred so long ago.


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