Black Robe Movie Review

This film was a true eye opener as to how the missionaries and the natives both saw each other as evil and a plague, however through out the passing of time, the both came to a resolve. In reality, neither of them were bad people, they were just different from each other and had different views in terms of spirituality and morality. The missionaries were on a mission to try and convert the Natives, and due to the fact that the Natives had their own strong minded views and beliefs, it led to clashes between these two groups. It was quite sad to see all the chaos that was caused by the European people’s obsession of conversion. However, throughout the film, the missionary slowly changes his perspective on the Natives, seeing them initially as savages, and later on beginning to understand and have sympathy for them and their belief systems. It was a very good movie and I enjoyed watching it. I thought that all the violence made it kind of hard to watch, but overall it was an awesome movie.


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