Megan Project

IMG_5782 (1)Goblins, ghost, zombies, oh My! I decided for my Megan Project to use the upcoming holiday Halloween. In the photo presented are some decorations from the student dorm hall. There are a million stories about why Halloween is celebrated. Some cultures have a religious view towards the holiday. In my religion, most Christians do not celebrate Halloween because to them the holiday has a denotation of witchcraft and evil. During the month of October, an individual may hear many superstitions and folklore stories about the holiday. I remember as a child a story of why people dress up on Halloween. The story starts off as this small town that has evil spirits visiting their homes. The townspeople would have unfriendly visits from evil spirits and wanted evil spirits to stop visiting.  The townspeople one day wore mask to scare these unwanted spirits away. There’s another story much similar to the previous one, I remember listening to in elementary school. Instead of masks, the townspeople began keeping a jack o lantern in front of their home at night to keep these unwanted spirits far. For a person who is spiritual, they can see how Halloween has a religious view due to the roaming of spirits. I believe Halloween can be a day people feel free to sin and to cause mischief. Over the years Halloween used to be just for children but now it is more for adults. There are gory haunted houses, parties, also from watching too much of crime shows. There has been plethora of activities that may question people’s religious practices.


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