Site Visit- Jenna Apisdorf

It was my first time stepping into a Church that was actually doing a service (before the only Churches set foot in were Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and one in England).  As we walked inside, my anxieties began to settle down a bit, and we sat down and waited for the service (which is actually called “Mass”) to start.  In the very center of the room there was a giant cross hung up, and to the left of it were glass windows with rectangular shapes laid on it of multiple colors.  We knew it was time to begin when a piano started playing and a choir started up.  Soon after the priest assisted everyone with the prayer of asking for forgiveness and sins.  Eventually the priest did something unexpected: he got out a guitar, and told us a story about life, and gave us a message.  It was unexpected due to thinking they would treat services so seriously, however thinking back, the services in my temple, Solel were similar in this regard.  We have a rabbi who’s essentially the equivalent to a priest, but we also have a cantor, who plays the guitar and sings Jewish prayers.  Afterwards, we wished peace to the people sitting next to us, and then we blessed the bread and wine- again, something similar to Solel.  


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