Movie Review: Luther

Luther was a great movie about Martin Luther’s spiritual journey. The movie opens with an interaction that Luther and God have. Luther promises to devote his life to God if He would spare him from the lightning. He follows through with his promise, and during his first mass, he spills the cup. The fact that the content of the cup is the actual blood of Christ was the basis of the negative reaction that took place in the church. Priests in the Catholic Church look at the wine in the cup as something sacred and will drink all of it after the members of the congregation have done mass. As the movie progresses, Luther begins a doctrinal battle with the Catholic Church, condemning indulgences in Rome and even being summoned to see a cardinal about his actions against the Catholic Church. After Luther begins to study the New Testament, he begins to see differences in what the Bible says versus what the Church is saying will get someone to heaven. Once Luther releases his 95 theses, he is asked by the Church to revoke what he wrote, which he eventually decided he could not do. This became important to the Church for Luther to revoke his statements because Luther already had followers who were beginning to have opposing views against the Catholic Church. Eventually, Luther was excommunicated because he refused to revoke the 95 theses. In addition, this new interpretation of the Bible had some interesting consequences. Luther’s followers, upset that he had been “supposably killed,” decided to participate in actions, such as the burning of churches, that they claimed Luther would support. In reality, he did not support these violent acts against the Church. In fact, he was not necessarily against the Church, but he was opposed to some of what they were teaching and the inclusion of indulgences.

Overall, the movie Luther was an enjoyable watch. It clearly told the story of Luther and clearly portrayed the idea of the sacred throughout the movie. Sacred space and time were at the cornerstone of the movie, specifically, at the very beginning. In general, it was an easy and entertaining watch and analyzation.


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