Luther Movie Review By Valentina Lujan

The movie Luther is about Martin Luther a young priest who questions his faith in god and the ways of the church. It’s also about Luther’s journey in rekindling his faith again and exposing the church for how corrupt it was.

During his first mass, Luther spills the cup and it has such a negative reaction because he interrupted sacred space and completely ruined the holy mood of mass. Not only that, but because what’s in the cup represents the blood of Christ, it is very disrespectful to spill it. Because of his big mess up he sinks into his own despair and questions his faith, prompting his father to send him to Rome. In Rome Luther realizes how chaotic things are and how corrupt the church is which makes him come to the conclusion that Rome is a Circus where you could just pay for salvation. While he realized this he also dwelled deeper into the interpretation of the bible and realized that there wasn’t just one way of interpreting it. Because of his different interpretations and his explanations of how salvation could not be bought, this made many of the common people realize how corrupt he church was.

The corruption of the church showed just how much politics and church were connected. The “donations” given to the church were used by the government because the government and the church had a “mutually beneficial” relationship.

The church having one leader means that there is no room for argument on his decisions, but also no room for discussion and opinions. Which is why it was so important that Luther revoked his writings because it went against what the pope interpreted. For Luther orthopraxy was more important, while for the church orthodoxy was more important. Because of his different believes he was excommunicated, which is the highest form of punishment that the catholic church can give.

Luther’s different interpretation makes the common people rebel against the church which causes a lot of violence and death. Although Luther was not against the church, just protesting it’s ways but after his interpretation many people lost their faith.

All in all, Luther was a very good movie (much better that Black Robe), it shows clear internal conflict and the relation between church and state. It helped me grasp the many reasons why different interpretations of the bible (or any sacred text) could be so dangerous.



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