Movie Review Luther

After watching Luther I would describe it as a movie in which a clueless but faithful man go on a quest for knowledge and Truth . This quest begun when he got humbled after messing up a very important sacred ritual in front of his family members .

Embarking in his quest for truth , Luther soon learns that The power he believes in is  supreme but  men who are supposed to uphold the power itself  are corrupt . He learns that politics have been mixed with religion making some religious man more interested in spreading their influence and keeping their power than to actually spread religion . Luther gained a lot of prestige and influence throughout his quest and chose to take religious matter in his own hands.  Revisiting bibles texts , their meaning instead of using the church interpretation as the ultimate truth . And being of a man of truth he soon becomes a problem to people in power . He gets called by the pope to recant his lifetime  work but he refuses . He was also made to stand on trial in charges of heresy .

On another hand , Luther situation is very ironic . He worked most of his life for the interpretation of sacred text to make any man understand divine word. But his work got misinterpreted by people and it started one of the bloodiest  religious revolution.



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