Luther was a beautiful movie which really makes you want to think. From the beginning of the movie which starts from a major storm to the point at where he becomes a monk. However in the spiritual journey that he goes through, their are many ups and downs. However, Luther does not give up and goes beyond the challenges he faces. His point of view and the way he thinks were very unique but true. Throughout the movie, you are glued to the T.V as Luther goes through his journey explains whats right and what wrong. For example, one of the scenes in the movie showed a young boy commit suicide. According to the people’s beliefs, one that takes his or her own life does not deserve to be buried in sacred ground. However Luther see this from a different perspective. He thinks its wrong and decides to bury the young boy by himself. Seeing that politics and are mixed with religion, Luther faces various challenges to change the minds of people and preach for what is right. This movie gave me an idea of religion in the past and the different beliefs of people.


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