Luther- Movie Review

In the start of the film called Luther, the main character’s first mass everyone was shocked due to his blunder in the sacred space. Then after that he visit Rome and shocked to how to people are being mistreated and neglected, also how the Rome is chaotic, but was though to be a capital a religious and scared space in Christianity. Once Luther become a student he was disruptive one who always questions his teacher on question of theology. The church was selling indulgences to people to trick to trick them that they needed it to be saved by god, but truly it was to gain more profit to the church. In this film, it shows that the worst thing that could happen to a Catholic church member its excommunication from the church which happened to Luther in the movie. By Luther having create a message about lies the church it made the people start to revolt and reject the church and now Luther was excommunicated from the church. In the movie, a young boy committed suicide shows a by committing suicide it a religious taboo in the Catholic church, meaning the body’s is tainted and cannot be buried with other dead bodies in the cemetery. Because of this Luther makes his god a merciful god instead of a god of vengeance. Another scene near the end of the movie was Luther translating the bible form Latin to German so the people for themselves can choose what think the bible truly means. This gives the people of Roman religious freedom which gave rise to the Protestant church. Overall, this movie was very informative on what happen to in the protestant reformation process.


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