Luther Review- Ana Garcia

Luther is a movie made about the life of the German Monk named Martin Luther. During this time period, Martin Luther was faced with a life/death situation that led him to become devoted to the Catholic Church. During his journey to become more “saint-like” Luther discovered many things about the relationship between the German government, and the Roman Catholic Church. While studying for his doctorate in theology, Luther became very vocal about his opinion of indulgences, and the fact that it was merely a scheme to steal money from people. At the time, indulgences were very expensive shares that people bought from the Catholic church, in order to insure that their afterlife was not condemned. Luther ended up publishing theses on his take of religion, gaining him many followers who perceived his words differently. These followers began to believe that Luther wanted them to overthrow the church, but really Luther was trying to revolutionize the separation of the church from the government. Overall, this movie was a very well displayed take on the life of Martin Luther. I feel that the movie showed the historical background needed to understand his reasoning, and emphasized the importance of religion at the time of Martin Luther’s life.

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