Luther Movie Review

The movie Luther really tied in the concepts we have been learning in class, but highlighted sacred text and how important they are and how interpretation was, and still is today something that can be frowned upon if your thoughts differ from the norm. In the movie a monk by the name of Martin Luther is giving his opinions on how the church was cheating the people in Rome and defying the word of God in the process. Without intending to Luther commenced the church reformation through the 95 Thesis he wrote and constantly speaking out to people about how things should be done in the church. The two major things Luther was advocating for throughout the movie the were the ability to take the Bible home and read and interpret it by oneself, and to have the Bible translated into German so the common person could understand it. These two principles are what really sparked up the controversy in Rome, while he had many students that were supporting him the leader of the church as well as the Prince of Rome found this as a grave threat. they did not want the people of Rome, and much less the German’s to believe they had the power to communicate with god and create their own salvation, that would cause chaos in the community. In the end, the community was revolting against the church, and in-turn the government, so Luther decided to side with the government instead of the people who were trying to carry out his message. The ending surprised me, along with most of the people in my class because it was what Luther had been advocating for the entire time, but in the end he had to do what was best of the city of Rome which was to side with the government and stop all the community members or all order would have been lost. overall, I really enjoyed the movie and the message it portrayed.

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