Megan Project #1

The image I featured in this post is an old picture I came across in my camera roll. Looking back to early April this year, I went on a trip with my cousin and our girlfriends to Walt Disney World. It was the first time we had been since our childhood, and as a result of this, there was so much we looked at in a different light. On our second day, we visited the famous Magic Kingdom and as we are walking through “Cinderella’s Castle” I notice how similar the castle is too many cathedrals in Europe. As you walk up, you notice the castle is built at an angle to give you the appearance of a much larger and intimidating castle, exactly how cathedrals are built. The gold and extravagant look is something the Christian religion is known in building their sacred places, as they feel this place of worship is somewhere they have a true connection to God, the Almighty. As you walk through the bottom of the castle the entire area is filled with murals of Cinderella’s story, as shown in the featured picture. This was very easy to compare to the murals in multiple churches, cathedrals, and other sacred places when they depict stories of Jesus, Moses, Adam and Eve and much more around the world. When I first was at the park I had this initial intrigue into the story behind the Disney’s symbolism and history of building the castle, but it wasn’t until I began this class that I understood and did the extra research. If you look up how the Imagineers drew inspiration they did, in fact, look at multiple cathedrals and castles still standing in Europe. It’s remarkable that millions of people visit this park and are so in awe and feel so comfortable with the castle because of the symbolism and how it relates to so many as a symbol of power, hope, faith and much more. This may explain why so many love the Magic Kingdom and why it is recognized worldwide with just one image, “Cinderella’s Castle”. megan project


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