Megan Project #2


Image result for vans sole

When I see the bottom of a pair of Vans the first thing that catches my eyes is the pattern that looks just like a bunch of Star’s of David. I remember hearing rumors that it’s supposed to be an anti-semitic message that represents “stomping on Jews”. I thought it was strange and did a little bit of research looking up whether on not this was true. What I’ve found out is that, The six-sided motif was placed there in all innocence: The honeycomb shape of that portion of the sole provides more secure footing for the skaters who have come to favor this brand.” according to and according to “Vans’ signature sole is a skate-friendly design that’s been around for a while. The “Star of David” shape that appears on the bottom is pure coincidence, and not, as rumors have tried to say, an indirect way of the company saying it wants its customers to ‘stomp on the Jews.'” So, from these two sources and many more there simply isn’t much evidence proving this rumor, it was simply a coincidence.


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