Megan Project 2


For my second Megan Project picture, I chose to use this keychain that I found while cleaning my room one day and it surprised me because there is an interesting backstory to it when I first got it. When I first moved to Alabama, my friend in middle school gave me this keychain because he wanted me to know about Christ and go to church, the usual play. But I kind of just ignored it and put it away somewhere. Since then, I moved about 3 times so I had completely forgotten about this until last week when I found it again and it shocked me because how could this little thing that I did not even care about stay with me this entire time in the span of 3 to 4 years. And it reminded me of something that I learned about a lot of religions in REL3308. No matter the religion. no matter the doctrine. no matter the teachings of a religion, it always finds a way to stick with the times and endure the changing the society. It reminds of Buddhism the most. How in India it did not survive but in China, it became popular and endured. And I think that every religion has done this some way, shape, or form. The most effective way that religions carry on and endure I think are through the minds of those who are not religious at all. The academics and the “non-believers.” They are the ones who keep records of these religions. They are the ones who do not judge and call their doctrines blasphemy. And I think that is the case with me. Although, I am not a religious person what so ever I somehow managed to keep this keychain that my friend gave me that one day and keep the message behind it.


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