Megan Project 2


For my second Megan Project, I had an interesting discovery that I had actually been unaware of for most of my life. Growing up in a Latin household usually means growing up Catholic in faith and being in that environment often. I had always seen a little area in our house dedicated to that part of our lives, but never realized how popular that concept is. My mother now has a little nook in her closet where she keeps her Bible, rosary, a statue of Mary, and a picture of me when I was young. My grandmother actually made a little room in her own house dedicated to prayer, almost like a little chapel for her and my grandfather. Inside, there is an altar, statues of saints, her Bible, etc. It is so prevalent in other Hispanic households as well that we do not notice how faith as children influences our future selves, as well as our every day lives because each time I walk past such a space, I immediately reform back into that ideology.


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