Megan Project 2- Jenna Apisdorf

For this Megan Project, I found this in my room and remembered the interesting story behind it.

My friend and I were on campus the day before Irma was planned to hit and we were getting food. While we were about to depart, he hands me this and says he found it on the floor and thought I’d like it (me being Jewish and all).

This symbol is called the Star of David and is the main recognizable image for Jewish people. I found it interesting once I thought about it how having it made me and my family ok in the end of Irma- granted we lost power, but we did manage to stay with my uncle and aunt for about a week or so. Unexpected good luck charm?

If I wanted to be symbolic with the necklace itself I’d say that the colorful sand inside it could represent how different events can lead to shifting emotions (like the shifting grains of sand), but being devoted to religion can help deal with things like that (the Star holding it all together).


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