Megan Project 2


For this installment of Megan’s Project I chose to photograph something from my own home. Like many people, I was raised Catholic but my family does not attend mass. I do not identify as Catholic but my parents do. In the corner of the family room at my house, you will find the fountain of the buddha photographed above. On another wall in the same room, there is a wooden cross. My mother’s reasoning for having purchased the fountain was she liked it and thought it would complete the look she was going for in the room. I have always found this to be problematic. Why western cultures fetishize Buddhism has always puzzled me. I find depictions of the Buddha in homes, stores, and on clothing regularly. When I ask why it is someone purchased a Buddha or something with an image of the Buddha on it, I rarely get an answer that does not include the words “energy” or “chill”.  Is this appropriation of Buddhism or harmless appreciation for what the person interprets Buddhism and it’s values to be?

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