Megan Project #2

I chose a musical festivals and concerts for my Megan project number two.  Religion is presented because the feeling a person will receive at concerts or festivals. Both of my photos are pictures of last years Electrical Daisy Concert in Orlando.  These pictures have a religious view because the same feeling a person will receive at a house of prayer. They can also receive here. You meet many people at musical festivals and sometimes their background story.  The first photo is a company at the music festival that prevents suicides. They asked everyone that passed to write their biggest fears and their greatest dreams. In religion,  you depend on hope and faith. In any religion background, a person faces their fears and try to find enlightenment within their religion. People at musical festivals come for a great time.  The second photo I presented is the view I seen there at the concert when walking around. Memories of people hugging random people, high giving each other, smiling, greeting, dancing, just living their best at the very moment. In Hinduism,  people try to live their best now in life.  In Christianity, a christian will hear let go and let god.  At a music festival, you will see all emotions from everyone. When the music is playing, you see some people feeling within the music singing to it on top of their lungs. Head movement of the beat such like african religion rituals. The megan project I chose musical festivals because the feeling there of no judgement, people celebrating life, hearing people’s testimonials, and  after my experience of edc I had another outlook of life in general. IMG_6583

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