330 million gods, Flavia Perez

The movie’s approach to Hinduism is a little bit different from what we have covered in class. The researcher in the movie is trying to understand what the phrase 330 million gods means, if the number represents the actual amount of gods in Hinduism, or a number of deities that represent one main god. The movie explains the existence of Brahma, a supreme god, but at the same time it shows how people have traditions form many different gods like Shiva, Ghanji,  and Sarasuati depending on the needs of the village. For example in schools the god that is usually worshiped is Sarasuati, the god of art and learning.  In times of drought Shiva is the god that is worshiped and when people go to do laundry and bathe in the river, Ghana is the god they pray to because it will purify them and their clothes. The movie focuses more on what the image of the god represents than what the god might look like or what material the images are made of. People are taught to worship the meaning of the image of the god rather than the actual image. At one point a character even states the new images and sculptures are made every year, because what is important is what the image represents. Overall the movie was pretty clear about the meanings that it portrayed, it did leave some questions because at the end it did not classify what the number 330 million gods actually means, but it this give me a better understanding of how Hinduism works.

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