Eloy-God On Trial MovieReview

While watching the film God on Trial, I feel that this movie was a perfect representation of the chapter of Theodicy and how humans act where in the presence evil. The story’s setting, which was in a Nazi concentration camp during the peak time where the Nazi’s where at their height in power, this atmosphere perfectly complements a setting where theme is about how people think of god when in the face of evil. The Jews were also a great character choice since for decades Jews in the era of WWII suffered the most. What really shocked me about this movie is when God was put on trial and the Jews who were supposed to worship god even at their time most desperate times chose to question the morality of god; is God a good and just or hateful. Also, an important detail was the Jews questioned their morality to see if they deserved to happen to them or is this all God’s plan. At the end, were the verdict was that God was guilty, even so Jews in that cabin finally found the answer they knew there was no salivation in their last moments.


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