God on Trial

The movie takes place at a concentration camp in  Auschwitz, Poland. The story begins in modern day with tourist getting off a bus going to view concentration camp. While visitors are viewing the campgrounds, the guide begins to tell about the camp. This is when the scene shifts into the past during the Cold War. The scene starts off  jogging to a table with Nazis telling them to go left or right. This is a test to see who stays alive and who dies. After, all the men are inside this room with bunk beds start having a conversation saying who are we putting on trial today. One man says “God lets put God on the trial”.  These Jewish men are putting God on trial because most of them feel God has broken his promise to them. Some are wondering why does it have to be Jewish people going through the camp. Throughout the movie, they are all communicating about their faith in God. A couple of them told their experience of what happened to them inside the camp before they make their decision about God.The scene that was powerful in my opinion was the process of what these individuals went through. Their hair being shaved, switching clothes, getting beat from Nazis or their own people. It was a quick scene but very moving. At the end of the story, you found out their decision of if God was guilty or innocent. You also find out which men are going to die and which are going to live more days.

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