God On Trial

This movie is based on the era where Jewish people were being powered and imprisoned by the Nazis. Where they were placed on concentration camps and were beaten, forced to work and treated very poorly. But the main story is were God is being pout to trial due to the fact that the Jews have lost their faith on God and they started wondering why has god put them in that horrible situation in their life. Why them? Why the Jewish people and their families? This becomes a discussion between the Jewish Auschwitz barrack mates.

Throughout the movie we see how the Jewish are forced to work for long exhausting hours with no break in between, how they are beaten  by the Nazis and even their own people, and how they are all gathered together to discuss why has God abandon them into such a horrible world. At the end of the story we are able to observed how many people died during the story and what they turned out to belief and how they life completely changed.

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