Luther Movie Review

This film was represented during the early 15 century were it is based on a story of a man who changed people’s point of view against religion and also tried to change the way the church was using and overpowering the innocent people in the town. His name was Luther, the man who became a monk and made a change.

The whole story begins in a storm where Luther was trapped in, he was desperately running and screaming trying to safe his life, this is where he made a pact with god that if he saves him, he will become a monk and dedicate his life to him. Indeed he did and this is when he started getting more involved religiously with the town he was in and the church.

As Luther was getting involved in the church, in the first scene we saw that he started to get nervous and spilled the holy water, this caused the people to get a negative reaction because the holy is thought as flawless which contradicted Luther’s action. When Luther visited Rome he thought about is as a circus because the church was taking advantage of the people by taking their money for “charity” and the people weren’t aware of it. This made Luther a student who was guided by what was right, what he felt was the right thing not by what others told him to do. This caused him to reveal against the church which made him at risk of being opened to the worst punishment the church had to offer which was to completely separate him from the church and the town people, meaning he will be completely alone for the rest of his life. As Luther was kicked out of the town, he then started writing his own bible in German , he did this because he thought it was the right thing to do and in a way the best way to put god into peoples life without any type of payment or deal. Bu this resulted in a miscommunication which made the town completely go against the church ending up burning it and seen it as a bad thing where Luther only tried to improved it not destroy it.

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