Meagan Project 2


I choose this picture because throughout my whole life I have being wanted to travel across the sea, go see new places, explore new environments , meet new people from all  over the world. Also, because the sea has being an important part of my life due to the fact that it is the only thing that separates me and my family from seeing each other as they live in Cuba, my native country. In my opinion, the sea compares to religion because it represents hope, imagination, and even though you can not see what is on the other side, you picture it and you hope one they you will see it. Just like God that people can not see him but they hope it is there protecting them and their loves one. Hoping everyday will be a better. The see for me also plays a role of tranquility, safeness as every time i am stressed i just go somewhere where there is a beach and just stare to the ocean and the deep blue skies serving as a way to calm myself down, in a way it related to good because many people when they are going through a tough time, they rely and pray to god hoping everything will get better .

The seas has being with us since our creation and still it has many different meanings to all of us but to me, it is beautiful, it is peaceful, it is overwhelming , this is why this picture is so special to me. Not only because it represents the relation between religion and the sea but because it also represents me.

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