God on Trial Movie Review

This movie takes place in Auschwitz, Germany during the time of the holocaust in World War II. During some of the main scenes of the movie, we see all the Jewish people begin to question the Will of God. One scene that really captured my attention was the one that took place in the barracks where they put God on trial. The room was divided, there was some who believed the Will of God was good and in favor of the Jewish people and there was some who believed God was out to condemn Jews. Through this we see multiple examples of how God has been good and giving to the Jewish people and all human beings. On the other hand, we see multiple examples of historical events were Jews were condemned, exiled, or massively murdered. A huge controversy arises between the Jews and some even begin to argue that God is on Hitler’s side and that they cannot win. There is consistent back and forth between those who continue to have faith in God and those who don’t. Those who do argue that this is a test of faith, and stay true to their beliefs. Personally I was shaken by this scene and truly made me even reflect on my own life and my faith, and begin to question whether things really do happen for a reason or is faith just another excuse to have hope in a hopeless world. 


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