Luther Movie Review

This movie takes place in the fifteenth century where Religion was facing a point of corruption especially in the town where Luther was learning to be a priest. The local church was charging people for relics, which was basically telling people that their prayers would only be answered if they payed for the relics. As the film continues, it shows how Luther begins to preach what he believes is true christianity and what it means to be a true Christian through direct translation of the Bible. The reason why people could not do this themselves is because they were illiterate in the original language of the Bible, so they would have to listen to what ever the priest wanted to tell them, and they would believe. Priests in that era began to take advantage and thats where the charging for the relics comes into play. Higher Priests begin to realize what Luther is doing and begin to take action against him and exiled him from the town which was the worst form of punishment at the time. After this happened Luther took it upon himself to translate the Bible scripture to inform the people of the truth and what the Bible really says. It caused turmoil within the Catholic church and made history. Luther changed the way we view the faith till this day and created a culture that is educated and has the right to read the scripture if they please.


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