God on Trial- Movie Review

This movie focuses on the events that occurred in Auschwitz, which was one of the most notorious concentration camps during the Holocaust. The Jewish prisoners were constantly questioning themselves and finding justifications about why God would allow them to suffer to such an extent.  The two sides of argument were 1) God allows for evil to exist and is not good and 2) God is good and prevails evil. The questioning that prisoners undergo exemplifies the idea of theodicy. The prisoners are encountered with the dilemma of faith. The film illustrates the internal struggle people encounter when an evil or unfortunate event affects them. People question their faith on a God existing or truly being good because they wonder why God would let evil force exist in the first place. The prisoners in the room in Auschwitz eventually concluded that God is guilty for making them suffer. However, some men in the room were so hopeless during the moment of their death that they stilled prayed even though they battled with the idea of God truly being good. This movie clearly depicts what theodicy is and illustrates moments that we may question our faith in God when we encounter an evil action.

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