Lutheran Movie

The film Luther is about the life of the monk named Martin Luther, and his journey of becoming a part of the Catholic Church. The time period that the film took place in the 15th century, and Martin was in a life or death situation and promised God he would become a monk if he let him make it out, and he kept his promise to become a monk.

The movie Luther really highlighted sacred text and how important they are and how interpretation was. The two major things Luther was advocating for throughout the movie the were the ability to take the Bible home and read and interpret it by oneself, and to have the Bible translated into German so the common person could understand it. These two principles are what really created  the controversy in Rome. He had Manu supporters, such as; students, the leader of the church. However, the Prince of Rome found this as a grave threat. The prince did not want the people of Rome, and much less the German’s to believe they had the power to communicate with god and create their own salvation, they believed that would cause chaos in the community. In the end, the community was revolting against the church, and in-turn the government, so Luther decided to side with the government instead of the people who were trying to carry out his message.

The ending shocked me, because it was what Luther had been advocating for the whole time, but in the end he had to do what was best of the city of Rome which was to side with the government.

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