Megan Project Picture #1

While looking for ideas on what to take a picture of for this project at my job, I casually look up and realize that there was an example right above me all along. I work at an ice cream shop and our motto is to please children by making the whole establishment as fun and cute as possible. Our walls are painted pink and right on the ceiling there are drawings of clouds and baby cherubs. Although these Eros like creatures are more of a symbol of Greek Mythology but they also played a part in Christianity art during the Renaissance. Often present in paintings made by Rafael, a famous Italian painter, cherubs are seen as the epitome of innocence. These “angels” of God as some people refer to them are a symbol for purity, innocence,love and even mischievousness. Which makes perfect sense to have them painted across the ceiling of an establishment that is meant for children, it helps create a dream like atmosphere.      20180124_191902.jpg

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