The Megan Project – Part I


As I went about my day, I stopped by a friends dorm room for our usual study session and  for the first time noticed, what I normally looked at as just lights, and decided to ask what the hands hanging across her wall meant. She quickly replied, “Uhm… I don’t actually know. I just thought they were cute.” I had seen the symbols on other items before, and assumed it had some religious meaning behind it, but never looked into it… until now! The “light” hung up on the wall is called a hasma. The hasma is a religous symbol for both the Jewish and Islamic religion. The symbol is a sign of protection, the “eye” within the palm of the hand, keeping away any dangers. The symbol displayed the correct way also is said to  offer luck! Throughout history people often take elements of religion without knowing and materialize it. As a result, often it happens that religious symbols are found on items like clothing and used for decorations. Just like in my friends case, people commonly make occasional buys simply for “decoration” or “looks” without knowing the intended purpose or meaning of the item.

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