Black Robe Movie Review

The film touches on the story of a Jesuit priest, Father Lafourgue, also known as “Black Robe” trying to convert Huron Indians of Quebec to the faith of Christianity. However, the natives of the area had a different perspective of him and a belief system of their own in which they followed. This conflict holds the plot of the movie and creates a dynamic contrast that shares an accurate portrayal of historical colonialism.

The French believed that it was their role to convert the natives to their faith as a form of salvation. Despite their ideals of the natives being primitively obtuse, they failed to realize their ignorance in understanding the natives culture and beliefs. The priest had a hard time with accepting the natives lifestyle and customs, and believed that they were a barbaric civilization.

The Huron natives believed that the French priest was some sort of a demon since he was able to read and write and did not engage in any sexual activities. They too did not believe that the French to be intelligent and believed that their religious beliefs were inferior to theirs.

Without a doubt, their cultural beliefs were mere opposites but in the end they both tried to understand their differences. The Indians compromised more than the priest by abiding by their religious ideals, however this led to their downfall. The movie made me realize the importance of differences in religions. It goes to show that everyones perspective is right in its own reality.blackrobe_011

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