Black Panther Extra Credit

     The Black Panther movie was a very revolutionary film that is impactful to the African American community.  Since the Black Panther movie was the first superhero movie with a lead African American hero, it shows the diversity and demonstrates the struggle of black lives.  It is revolutionary in demonstrating that you do not need to be white to be a main character, but anyone and any race should never be oppressed or put down because they are different.  This movie teaches that we should be more accepting and acknowledging of all races.  
     This movie shows a futuristic city of Wakanda and shows the integration of different styles of clothing from different tribes of Africa.  This shows and differentiates Africa because people generally think of Africa as one big whole rather than different parts.  Thanks to this movie, people have learned the different customs and clothing traditionally worn in different parts of Africa.
     Also, this movie portrays the importance of vibranium which is a fictional metal that advanced Africa’s technology.  This helps show the importance of Africa having to look for a necessary source which will allow Africa to develop into an advanced continent and be more competitive and respected with the rest of the world.  It shows the revolutionary idea of Africa being able to be the most technologically advanced continent.
     Relating to religion, this movie like religion shows that we must be accepting to others, outside of what we are normally used to.  Both are very important and considered very crucial.  They are also considered to be important values that should be respected.  This movie is a groundbreaking development to prevent the oppression and segregation that many African Americans still are feeling.

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