Black Panther Review: A mythological doctrine of Sacred Symbols

Black Panther was a great movie, it was definitely a movie for all audiences. I think if you were at any given point of age in your life, you would enjoy the story of the Black Panther. As the book starts of by saying in Chapter 4: Sacred Symbol, Myth and Doctrine, we humans need to be connected to the divine in some special way. The leading path to that discovery is through the idea of sacred language, images, gestures, all these symbolic representation were portrayed through the movie, The Black Panther. The beginning stars off with the death of the great of king of Wakanda, and his successor which is his young son T’Challa. The movie  is such a beautiful piece when it comes to interpreting a myth. The idea of myths is no now really knows wether they are perceived, as real as so it is in the royal city of Wakanda. The plot of the story relates on the conflict between the main character in this case, the Black Panther and how he will usher his father’s footsteps as a great king. There is so many symbols along with the story, as the city of Wakanda, is filled with different tribes who all have there own scared rituals and symbols. The main character seems to have a previous love interest in the ” River People”  leader’s daughter, her father wears a particular accessory that is almost hard to miss. Symbols in the movie almost everywhere, most profoundly through the main characters,  they hold a blue marking in the inside of their lower lip, a blue marking that shows that they belong to the tribe of Wakanda. Signs are all throughout the movies, as they have all types of meaning in the movie. Representational symbols in the movie more specifically is the appearance of the young lost nephew of the past king, ring. His ring gave me an open access to sit on the throne that is to rule Wakanda. The metaphor of the story centralizes on how the hero of the story, become a king through his journey of persistence and perseverance. More then any other mold. He becomes the Black Panther.  As his father  mentions in the movie ” you are a good man, and it’s hard for a good man to be the king”. The hero proves to be both in a series of trails and oppositions, we can say that through this process he is able to discover his individuation.  After being almost dead – a christ like example, he rises and bring forth salvation to his people. The mandala of this story is the city of Wakanda, where the king and his royal subject speaks on the matters of the city. More throughly the ritual performed at the beginning of the movie, is a simplified doctrine of how the people of Wakanda, baptized their new king.  The second order of their beliefs, came to live through their sacred rituals. They were not in context but they were placed together by a priest and through the ceremony, the king would ingest the divine power, from a flower that bloomed only in that sacred space. Overall the movies is great in showing large context of how rituals, doctrines and myth come to live through the life of a young prince who not only became a king but a hero.

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