Luther Movie Review

Luther was the moral force of the reformation. He was the priest who defied Rome when he nailed his 95 Theses to the castle door and then founded the Protestant church. Luther founds himself challenging his own beliefs, the different perception that he has on the Bible. When Luther decided to visit Rome, he found out how the church members were sleeping with whores but also, he sees how people are being told by the members of the church that the only way to heaven was paying (offerings). From this experience he sees how the people that are supposed to follow the Bible and Gods laws are just doing what they want and lying to people.

During Lather’s first ritual of mass he was very clumsy. The moment that Luther spills the cup, in some way, he disrespected sacred time and place at the same time. These is when Luther starts debating about his own faith and it’s when he makes his father send him to Rome. In Rome is where Luther founds about the reality of the Catholic Church and how everything was a circus. At this moment is when Luther gets to study more the Bible and found out that there are many different ways of interpreting the Bible. When Luther starts talking about the different interpretations of the Bible and how salvation could not be bought, people started to notice how corrupted the church was.

By showing how corrupted the church was we were able to see the connection that has existed between government and church. In the movie, all the donation that was given to the church was used in reality by the government since they had a mutually beneficial relationship. Once Luther releases his 95 Theses his asked by the church to revoke what he wrote but Luther was not going to do it. But why the church wanted Luther to revoke what he wrote? The answer was very simple. Luther already had followers which mean that there where a threat to the Catholic church. Since Luther didn’t want to revoke his Theses he was excommunicated. Since Luther followers did not hear more about time, they assumed he was killed. Immediately they started to engage in different illegal actions like the burning of churches.

The movie really helped me to understand more about the Protestant church and the history it has behind it. I did not know much about Luther and how he was the one that stand out and criticized the catholic church system.


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