Luther: A Movie Review

Luther in my opinion was a very impressive rendition of the historical events of Martin Luther and Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. It is often difficult to recreate the accuracy of historical events all while maintaining the interest of the viewer but director, Erin Till, was able to do just that. In addition, the corruption of the pope and the Catholic church was very interesting to watch from a cinematic perspective in comparison to what I’ve read in textbooks. Despite this I would have to say that this film tends to feel like it’s dragging on towards the middle/end, there are certain scenes that don’t feel necessary and should be omitted in order to not only maintain the focus of the movie but get to the point as well. In addition before I watched the film (and knowing the story of Martin Luther) I expected him to be portrayed as a more inspirational figure and less neurotic. To me he lacked that heroic charisma that I was expecting, but made up for it in his convincing portrayal of fear and uncertainty in regards to his actions. Understanding the backlash he could be facing by nailing his 95 theses upon a church door he does it anyway displaying courage and bravery. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, despite its tendency to seem lengthy at times it did serve its purpose in portraying the Protestant Reformation in the most accurate and entertaining light possible.

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