Luther Movie Review

                         In the beginning of the film, Luther performs his first ritual of mass and is quite clumsy completing it. Because Luther is a priest, the process of a ritual is expected to be completed without error, to maintain its sacredness. As a result of this accident, most reacted negatively, laughing and doubting his role within the Church. Luther’s chosen path, instead of his father’s preferred career, in addition to his mistake at mass, placed great insecurity in his abilities. Luther soon after visits the Axis Mundi of Catholicism, Rome. The visits exposing to Luther all of the dishonest and unethical actions occurring in the heart of Catholicism. One of which were the indulgences and relics. These indulgences and relics were considered necessary because they provide believers with an outlet to repent and find comfort in knowing they can reduce their punishments associated with death. As well as the indulgences provided the Roman government a source of funds. The reason they become  problematic is due to the false information they spread about the religion, and people can abuse this idea of repenting for their sins by constantly obtaining these indulgences. Since the Catholic Church is so corrupt, Luther starts to question their teaching and what they preach to the congregation. Ultimately, leading to Luther’s 95 Thesis, which explained Luther’s concerns with the Catholic Church including his view on indulgences. Luther gained a following throughout this with his German translations of the bible, and ideals of “salvation outside the church, but no salvation outside Christ”. His following challenging the Catholic Church and leading up to the Reformation of the Church.

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