Luther Movie Review: Evony Diaz

The movie Luther shares the true story behind the Protestant Reformation led by German monk Martin Luther in the 16th century. The movie begins with the account of Martin being caught in a terrible storm, fearing for his life, and asking for God to give him mercy in return for his promise to monk hood. Through this, Luther becomes a monk, but faces many challenges and trials with fitting into the religion and all its superficial reuqirements. During Luthers first ritual mass, he accidentally spilled wine, which brought shame upon his reputation as a monk and to his father. This caused him to feel grate regret and grow resentment to God and all these false expectations in which he believed that God imposed. However, he came to the realization that this was not the truth of God and Christs love and he began to seek renewal and change for his faith.

This desire to find a renewal of  faith brought him to the streets of Rome where he witnessed how influenced Catholicism was by money. He described it as a “circus” where people bought their salvation. Indulgences and relics were being more glorified more then God himself and created a system of oppression for the greedy desires of man. People were treated poorly and led to give up their money to obtain Gods blessing over their life while the Popes and High Priestess sat comfortably creating false doctrines. This caused much despair in communities where members would commit suicide in response to their sadness of falling short of these false expectations.

All these unjust experiences stirred Luther to make a change. He could no longer stand this twisted doctrine that was ruining so many civilians lives and began to take a stand against it all. He challenged the idea that salvation was only obtainable for those apart of the Roman Catholic church, and fought for “salvation for those outside the Church but no salvation outside Christ.” He began to share his ideals of the truth and Gods teaching to the citizens of Wittenberg, Germany and challenge the minds of other monks. When the wrongful Roman system of Catholicism was convincing the citizens of Wittenberg to pay for their salvation, Luther ire was provoked to put an end to this confusion. He wrote the 95 Theses which criticized the flaws of the Roman Catholic Church and listed all their false doctrines that contradicted the word of God. This controversial writing caused a pandemonium between the Germans and the Roman Catholic Church. So much so, that chaos broke loose and deaths in numbers of plagues broke loose. Luther realized that this was not his intent and decided to fix all things for the good. He set out to write the bible in the common language for all people to access and understand the word of God, but most importantly the love of God. Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 10.11.36 PM

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