“Black Robe” movie review

In the movie “Black Robe” is a story about during 17th century a French pastor, father LaFourge who traveled to Canada with the colonizer to the mission the natives to become Christian. At first, he views all the natives as uncivilized savages, mainly because of what they believe is the spirit and nature, not the god of Christianity. But as he goes through suffering and interaction with the natives, his mind has been changed. At the end of the movie, the leader of the suffering natives ask him if he loves them, he answered: “Yes”. In my opinion, his spirit has gone through Spiritual sublimation to a higher level. This movie compared the difference between the Christianity and the native religion. The Christianity believes the only supreme god that created and rule everything, the natives believe everything in nature has their spirit, understand them will help them survive in the forest. The reason that priests were involved in the enterprise of colonization is to introduce the natives to Christianity so it will be easier to place them into their community and control them. At first, at natives view the black robe as a symbol of the demon. But at the end, it actually becomes the symbol of redemption.

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