At the Olympics, thousands of missionaries compete for souls

Most people are under the impression  that the Olympics is just about sports, while that may be true many other things come into play as well such as politics, finances and religion. In this years 2018 Olympics  religion is playing a particularly interesting role.  This article written by Madeline C. Mulkey discussed the 2,000 missionaries that are spread out around Pyeongchang for different reasons.  This year the Olympics have attracted different religious groups from all over the world such as Baptists, Presbyterians and Methodists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. These religious groups not only went to the Olympics to support their countries athletes but they also went to advance their religious agendas.  According to Mulkey “The first weekend of the Olympics, mission groups passed out Christian literature in the Olympic park unimpeded.’’  so many religious groups were trying to spread their religion that the Olympic Park officials had to put up signs letting the tourists and visitors know that passing out religious materials at the park was banned and if found would be confiscated. What do you think?  Do you believe religious groups should be able to use the Olympics as a platform to educate others on their religion? Or should the Olympics enforce these rules limiting the missionaries and keeping  the focus on the sports?


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