Factory of Dreams: Disney Emblem

As of recently, I had the opportunity to go to Disney World. One of the places, where the idea that dream’s become a reality takes place. If you think of Disney, you would not consider or contemplate the term of religion. But as any formed religion, Disney world also has recruited quite a lot of followers. Disney World, has a set of representation symbols known as the famous mickey outline. As per the picture below, and as any representational symbol, on cars, or even or their items, and clothing, the symbols represents a trade mark of  the place where ” Dreams  can become a reality”.

Disney World has created a culture of people coming together to celebrate the idea of joy, and fun. I noticed, as I was sitting down looking at my magic band, how relevant it was, that just by seeing the symbol, I knew where I was. At the time, I was  at the Animal Kingdom, and even through all the parks, which are all different, the symbol still brought them all together, to symbolize, and proof that dreams can become a reality through your experience at Disney.  As a cross, would bring Christians remembrance of their savior, so did this Mickey Mouse reminded me that I was in a place where ” Dream’s became a reality”.IMG_5226.jpg

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